Posted: September 18th, 2017

Deep Vain Thrombosis and Airline travel

Topic: Deep Vain Thrombosis and Airline travel

This is a report plan. ( 250 words)

The actual report plan is one page. but there is a vocabulary list of 30 words. and APA references are needed. also one more request is that need a page of information from each research just to show this page is useful for the topic.(no need edit or anything just need the page of information).

The report plan should be outline and describe the sections which are related to the library research( normally from journal articles) that will be included in the final report(will be done 2 weeks later, 1000 words report). so this is a report plan for the topic that given.
Report topic: Deep vain thrombosis and airline travel.
subject studying for this topic:Introduction to science for health professionals.
APA style, at least 3 -6 references.
firstly- a report plan which describes the research findings that will be used to give a logical structure to the report.
secondly, a list of 3-6 proposed references in APA style.
thirdly, include a one-page information (from the research). (need to print out later by myself so please attach the whole page). ONE PAGE FROM EACH REFERENCE, must contain some meaningful information that is suitable to be included in the final report.
and last need vocabulary list for 30 words from the findings that related to the report. and give definition of them( relate to the report also, not just definition from the google).

marking criteria:
the report plan,the proposed structure includes headings and main points are clear, relevant and in complete sentences. proposed reference list is included with correct APA style, with 3-6 resources.
plan shows strong understanding of the topic in depth.
aim for the report plan: C(credit) at least.

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