Posted: September 17th, 2017

Describe the key considerations and steps necessary in planning for mediation from the perspective of the mediator. Provide a rationale for the points you make by drawing on evidence from the literature

Assessment #3 – Research assignment (Graded)

You may choose from one of the following research essay questions or negotiate one of your own that is relevant to your professional, program or academic interests with the Course Coordinator. Any negotiated research topics must satisfy the Coordinator with respect to their alignment of the course aims and objectives. If you wish to negotiate the exploration of a particular line of enquiry, you must submit a request to the Coordinator three weeks prior to the submission or before.

The research essay is an individual assignment. You are urged to base your research essay on high quality academic publications such as peer reviewed journal papers or other academic texts in order to demonstrate a critical perspective in discussing the line of enquiry you pursue. You will need to refer to at least 17 sources.

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses to be considered in adopting a) an integrative negotiation and b) a distributive one? Support your ideas with reference to published work.
2. Choose to focus upon two national cultures and explore the influence a culture could have in terms of the communication involved where two such cultural parties are engaged in a conflict and/or negotiation. You are encouraged to critique the literature on cross cultural and inter-cultural communication in negotiation and conflict contexts in developing your anlaysis of the academic literature.
3. Drawing on the literature, identify and discuss the main causes of conflict in the workplace and suggest any implications and recommendations for management.

  1. How can effective communication assist in achieving positive outcomes in conflict and/or negotiation contexts? 
  2. Explore how persuasion can be used in conflict and/or negotiation contexts, paying attention to any ethical considerations as you do so.
  3. Discuss key types of power that can be brought to bear in conflicts and negotiation and explore ways to respond to imbalances in power.
  4. What part do emotions play in conflict and negotiation in the workplace? Support your argument with reference to the literature.
  5. Critically discuss definitions around workplace bullying and the behaviour and associated consequences that arise in the workplace. Suggest organisational strategies for its management. Draw on available peer reviewed published work and other reputable texts.
  6. Describe the key considerations and steps necessary in planning for mediation from the perspective of the mediator. Provide a rationale for the points you make by drawing on evidence from the literature.

NOTE: The reference list will not be included in the word count for this assignment. In-text references are to be included in the word count. A 10% allowance above/below the word count is allowed. Also note that an essay format rather than a report format is required here. Harvard referencing conventions must be applied. Please be mindful of the importance of academic integrity and referencing all ideas arising from your reading.

Save your document in your name (YUEDaniel.docx). Also embed the criteria sheet in your assignment document. Failure to do so will attract a penalty of five percent.

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