Posted: June 6th, 2015

design a small application by using Qt creator

design a small application by using Qt creator

produce a suitable design for a software application, followed by an implementation in C++ using Qt library and a documentation of such application.

create a working program using Qt libraries.?The functionalities and the scope of the software can be freely chosen by yourself, according to your own interests. The only important rule is that you must use Qt for the implementation of the GUI. Of course, you are also encouraged to use additional Qt modules, depending on the characteristics of the software you want to write.?There are only few “rules” that I would like to make clear:
–  Youmust use Qt as the basis of your work. Therefore, the program must have a GUI and must be implemented in Qt;
–  You may use third-party libraries in addition to Qt (e.g. OpenGL) provided that all the main functionalities of the program in terms of, e.g., graphics interface, user interactions, working with files, are based on Qt;
–  You may use any Qt module and you must be sure that any aspect of your program is fully empowered by Qt, so to be reassured on its cross-platform portability;
–  Youmay use the program code provided at the labs or any other sources, such as Qt tutorials (much better than my code), but you must provide in this case the original code you started with. You must clarify what you have done and your original contribution to it.
–  The program must compile (comment and discuss problems, in case) and run
–  The program should be tested and run on at least 2 platforms ?You can get inspiration for you work from the Qt website and some extracts from previous project are in the module web site.
?Deliverables ?Documents and files to submit for this assignment can be logically divided in two parts and must be submitted in the form of a single .zip archive. The name of this file must contain your name, registration and Module code. ?PART I: Program – The Qt project created for implementing the program. Every file needed for compiling the program must be included. Therefore, you should include in this part of the submission:
–  Project file (.pro file)
–  All code files (every .h and .ccpfiles)
–  The User Interface files that contain Forms and Dialogs eventually created (.uifiles)
–  Resources included in the project for displaying the GUI, e.g., icons, pictures, etc. ?NOTE: it is required that your program compiles and run to obtain a pass mark. If some part of your code give you some errors, my advice is to comment that part and explain the problem in the program description (see below) ?PART II: Program Documentation – This part contains all the documentation that describes the software implementation and informs the user about the program. It is very important and should give enough information to allow me to run and use the program. The program documentation is sub-divided in two parts:
– Technical documentation
•    This aspect of the documentation should include a description of the GUI design (can be ?done with snapshots of the graphic interface and a description of its main software ?components).
•    In addition to this, in order to explain the structure of your program, a documentation ?of the code is required. The main purpose of this documentation is to carefully describe the structure of the code. The Qt modules and/or the third-party libraries you have used. This should also include a description of the classes and methods that you have implemented, such as classes associations and every inheritance aspect of your code.

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