Posted: May 11th, 2015

Develop A Marketing Plan for New production

Develop A Marketing Plan for New production


Product: Micro Computing (Laptop & Desktop Only)


Market Region: America, Asia, Europe


Market Segments: Costcutter (Usually low budget), Workhorse(Usually pay premium, but conservative)


Goal: Introduce new product, gain brand loyalty, beat competitors, increase brand benefit, make profit.


Scenario: There are few companies venturing into creation and marketing of micro computers. The market is skeptical on what to expect since this is different from the norm. The goal is to create and market a new product that appeals to the Costcutter and Workhorse market segments, while maintaining a competitive posture against rival organizations.


Develop a Powerpoint of the Market Plan touching on concepts of Branding, Marketing Mix, Sales channel, Pricing Mix, Marketing Communication, Brand Loyal, Brand Equity, Product Benefits, etc.


The objective is to create a 5 -6 slide powerpoint with bullets of the marketing plan and some notes to support them.

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