Posted: September 17th, 2017

Develop a preliminary individual performance-based incentive plan that you think best suits cross-selling


Case created by Herbert Sherman, PhD and Theodore Vallas, Department of management Sciences.



  • The British government took the position that saving 10,000 jobs and deferring employee incentive pay was more important than immediate extrinsic reinforcement of sales force performance. How do the notions of entitlement and social loafing possibly explain the government’s position?


  • Individual performance-based bonuses and commissions are one form of incentive pay. Might group and/or organizational incentive pay systems have achieved similar results for Barclays?



  • What other forms of individual incentive pay might Barclays have utilized? Which one of these plans might have saved the jobs lost to fund the bonus bank?


  • Develop a preliminary individual performance-based incentive plan that you think best suits cross-selling. Why?


  • Given your answer to question 4, develop a preliminary appraisal system for product cross-selling. How might this system be different if the incentive plan included group and organizational incentives?


  • Although Jenkins refused his bonuses in 2012 and 2013, as the CEO, he would have comprehensive compensation package. What other incentives might Jenkins be entitled to beyond his annuals bonus?


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