Posted: September 17th, 2017

Developing a market strategy for the land of the Frankincense sites of the governorate of Dhofar

1. Recommendations of the strategy
• We can affiliate with the hotels in the Dhofar to have shelter buses and place brochure and pamphlet in the hotel
• We can affiliate with the agencies all over the world (name some) to tell tourists about the land of frankincense and make tour for them
• We can affiliate with the some TV channels to put some advertisement about the land of frankincense
• Kindly add other 4 pointes

2. Future work
• What we wish to make or have to make the land of frankincense well known
Kindly write 6 pointes
3. Critical appraisal for the whole dissertation
4. Limitation of the work for the whole dissertation
5. Difficulties of marketing for the land of frankincense for the whole dissertation
6. Student reflection for the whole dissertation
7. What I learned for the whole dissertation
8. Conclusion for the whole dissertation

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