Posted: September 17th, 2017

Developing an evidence-based case study


Task description
This is an individual assessment item. You are required to choose one (1) client scenario from the two (2) options given below. You will then examine several key areas in relation to that chronic illness and the client education that would be required to be given by the Registered Nurse. You will demonstrate your ability to gather evidence from a number of recent and appropriate sources about a specified chronic illness. This research on the aetiology, pathophysiology, risk factors and client education will be specifically related to the client you have chosen

Aim: The aim of this case study is to explore client education strategies for a client with a chronic illness. You will have the opportunity to utilise a case study to explore the aetiology, pathophysiology, risk factors and education of a client with a specified chronic illness. Your case study will include published research findings to inform your education of this client.

Practical application
In this task you are required to do the following:
1) Provide a brief overview of the chosen chronic illness that includes: the aetiology, pathophysiology and risk factors of this illness. (300 words approx)
2) Identify 3 specific topics of client education given by a Registered Nurse that would be required to assist the client to manage their illness. (200 words approx)
3) Discuss no less than 3 specific, effective client education strategies that the Registered Nurse would use to assist the client to manage their particular illness and detail how this education would occur (i.e. at home, in a clinic, in a group and what tools would be used). (1000 words approx)
4) Your case study should demonstrate client and family-centred care that optimises individual self-management and promotes active participation of the individual and family in illness management.

•Ensure that you use scholarly literature (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and text books) that has been published within the last 5 years.

•Provide a clear introduction and conclusion to your paper.

•Please do not use headings in this assignment task.

•Write in the third person and use academic language throughout.

•Refer to the marking criteria when writing your assignment. This will assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.

Client Scenarios
Please choose (1) scenario below on which to base your Case Study

1) Malignant Breast Cancer Case Study
Karen Lewis is a 38 year old female who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks ago when she had a biopsy of a breast lump in her right breast. She underwent a right-sided mastectomy and a sentinel lymph node biopsy of the right axilla, which was negative for malignant cells.
Karen had been fit and well with minimal previous medical history until this diagnosis. Karen was admitted to Better Health Hospital for her surgery and is now at home recovering. She is due to attend her first appointment at the Day Oncology Unit for an education session this week on her illness, her treatment regime and the insertion of a Port-a-Cath.
Past medical history:
Migraine headaches
Past surgical history:
Mastectomy and sentinel biopsy
Social History:
Karen has a fiancé called Jeremy, and they live together. She smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for ten years and stopped in January this year. Her mother lives 5 minutes away and they see each other regularly.
Family History:
Father died of lung cancer and Maternal grandmother died of breast cancer.
Karen was commenced on PRN Panadeine Forte for pain post operatively but no longer takes this. In 1 week’s time she will commence chemotherapy as an outpatient. Her chemotherapy regime will be 6 weeks of Dacarbazine and interferon-alpha via a port-a-cath.

2) Arthritis Case Study
Paul Brown is a 64 year old gentleman who has just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Paul works as an IT manager and was looking forward to retiring in 2 years’ time. He has been suffering from progressively more painful hands, wrists and ankles for the last 3 months. Recently, his right hip has become very painful and scans have shown that the Rheumatoid Arthritis has spread to his right knee, hip and sacral spine. Paul now needs to use a walking stick to mobilise short distances and is wheelchair dependant on an outings such as going to the shops. He was commenced on oral prednisone to decrease the inflammation. He has also been ordered paracetamol, tramadol and endone for pain. This week will be his first visit to the Arthritis Clinic to discuss his diagnosis, lifestyle modifications, and disease management options with the Registered Nurse.
Past medical history:
High Cholesterol
Past surgical history:
Hernia repair in 2009
Social history:
Smoker 20-30 cigarettes per day
Family history:
His partner died suddenly following a heart attack a number of years ago and he now lives alone.
Tramadol PRN
Endone PR

((Marking Criteria))

Content Possible mark

Clearly identifies the client scenario that is the focus of the discussion (3)

Clearly and accurately describes the:
oAetiology of the illness (4)
oPathophysiology of the illness (8)
Risk factors (5)


Accurately identifies 3 pertinent areas of client education that would be required to prepare the client to manage their illness (10)

Discusses 3 specific, effective client education strategies (10)

Describes how the client education would occur and provides specific details about this (10)

Demonstrates the use of evidence-based research that supports client education to manage chronic illness (15)

Demonstrates client and family-centred care that optimises individual self-management (5) 50


Within specified word limit of 2000 words (1)

Inclusion of a cover page (1)

Consistent and accurate spelling, grammar and academic language (3)

Adheres to presentation guidelines (As per SoNM Writing & Referencing Guide) (7)

Structure- introduction, conclusion and paragraph structure (2)

A separate page for references (1)

{Research & Use of literature}

Recent evidence utilised (3)

Scholarly, appropriate sources used (4)

No fewer than 12 sources (3)

References as per APA Style 6th Edition (5)

Total Mark (100)
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