Posted: September 17th, 2017

Developing Cultural Sensitivities and Competencies

1 .Survey Findings

· Summarize (in 1 pages) key findings from your Survey of Mental Health Services.

· Offer any analysis, interpretations, insights which you found interesting or surprising.

· Were there any obvious gaps in needed services? If so, what would you recommend?

2. Health Topics

National Institute on Aging. National Institutes of Health

· Click onto “Health and Aging.”

· Then, Click onto “A-Z Health Topics Index.”

· Select TWO for review

From the Required Reading: “A-Z Health Topics”

· Select two topics which interest you for review.

· Create a Summarizing Report, which highlights key information about the two health topics. Total: about 2 pages, which include both Health Topics.


Topic: A Training Proposal – Developing Cultural Sensitivities and Competencies

In response to a projected growth of a culturally diverse Older Adult population who may need Senior Care services, your local community has invited you to submit a training proposal on “Developing Cultural Sensitivities and Competencies.”

In about 3 pages, please address the following components in your proposal:

The city is BOSTON MASS and it’s a LARGE city

Part A:

•Identify your target audience (e.g., religious, civic, senior centers).

•Briefly describe your community’s geographical area and population (e.g., rural, suburban, large city). Is your community already culturally diverse?

Part B:

· What Cultural Characteristics will you address?

· Identify specific components you will include.

· Provide your rationale for the above.


Topic: Spiritual Challenges and Opportunities

Based upon your personal observations and experiences, as well as our Study Notes and Readings,

please respond (in about two pages) to the following two questions:

1. What are the top three or four Spiritual Challenges facing our current Older Adult population? Discuss your reasons for selecting these particular challenges.

2. In speaking of the Spiritual Opportunities of Aging, Father McKevitt asserts that “viewing the world from the edge of life” can be a unique time which offers gifts and opportunities only available in old age.

· How do you interpret his assertion?

· Do you agree/disagree? Why / why not?

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