Posted: September 17th, 2017

Diegetic and non- diegetic sound elements

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Answer the following in 150-200 word paragraph responses, unless otherwise noted: (use the format 1,2,3,4…)

1. Sound sources: Analyze/discuss and clearly note the use of sound in the scene in Martin Scorsese’s Life Lessons, in the anthology film New York Stories where Lionel comes home from the artists’ party and begins painting while he knows his lover is upstairs with a new boyfriend. This scene occurs approximately 25 minutes into the film and goes on for four minutes. Be sure to include in this analysis what sound elements are diegetic and what elements are non- diegetic. Label the distinct use of dialogue, music and sound effects. Then clearly describe the qualities of the dialogue, music and sound effects by using the terminology related to sound like: pitch, timbre, loudness and softness.
2. Choose a scene in Life Lessons where the use of sound by Scorsese clearly directs your attention within the image or to part of the image on-screen. Describe the sound and what particular feature of the shot where the viewer’s attention is focused.
3. Choose another scene in Life Lessons where the sound used in the scene cues the viewer to form an expectation of something yet to occur. Describe the sound and what particular expectation is formed.
4. Describe a scene in Life Lessons where Scorsese manipulates the source of sound and distorts the natural effect of the original sound source. Describe the type of sound used and the terminology to detail its distortions. Is the sound diegetic or non-diegetic?

5. Describe a scene in Life Lessons where the distance of the sound from its source in the shot is enhanced or distorted.
6. Locate a sound bridge used in Life Lessons .Define what the function of the sound bridge is and clearly state the source of the sound—music, dialogue or sound effect. Is the sound diegetic or non-diegetic? 100 words.

7. Select a scene from Life Lessons that uses a musical theme or a popular song. Describe its source (its source, pitch, timbre and loudness) Judge how effective the sound use in the scene it is placed.
8. Select two scenes that have a distinct use of speech/dialogue, music and sound effects in Life Lessons. Label one scene a. and the other b.
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