Posted: September 13th, 2017

Different perspectives of emergent change in an organization

Different perspectives of emergent change in an organization

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Research Essay:
Essay question:
“On the basis of the papers listed below discuss the emergent approach to organizational change”
Use the following research papers :

Feldman, M. (2000). Organizational routines as a source of continuous change.
Organisation Science, 11(6), 611-629.

Orlikowski, W. (1996). Improvising organizational transformation over time: A
situated change perspective. Information Systems Research, 7(1), 63-92.

Tsoukas, H., & Chia, R. (2002). On organizational becoming: Rethinking organizational change. Organization Science, Vol 13 no 5(September-October 2002), pp 567-582.

Weick, K., & Quinn, R. (1999). Organizational change and development. Annual
Review of Psychology, 50, 361-386.

The essay should be written based mainly on these papers.

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