Posted: September 17th, 2017

Digital Portfolio


A use of ICT in my setting (required)

This reflection requires you to examine a ‘setting’ for ways in which ICT is used effectively. This is likely to relate to an early learning centre or a school but if you are not in either of these contexts you can adapt this reflection to suit your environment. Identify an instance where ICT was being used effectively and write a page describing the application and then reflecting on why this use was effective. How does this use support and extend teaching and learning? You should include relevant evidence – a photo of the setting, examples of artefacts, a link the web information etc. Any images where children are identifiable need family permission.
Some things you might see….

• A teacher using an interactive whiteboard involve students in timetables and student movements

• A parent or teacher and a child exploring on an iPad together

• Children using digital cameras to record investigations and activities
• A teacher communicating curriculum activity with parents via a teacher blog

• An early learning centre website that celebrates the activity of children in the centre

Make sure you describe the details. Collect the name of the software or website and the links, if appropriate. Take photos or screen grabs to support your writing.

Why are these activities effective and appropriate? Use the Early Years Learning Framework or any other relevant documents to frame your thinking.

Professional Reading and Reflections

An important part of reflective practice is being able to relate theory and/or research to your practical context. For this task you should provide a folio page with summary of a relevant article or book and then reflect on how this is relevant to your applied context. Again, 300-400 would be appropriate here.

You can create a folio page with a link to the article or book. You may also like to include a relevant image.

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