Posted: September 17th, 2017

digital teaching resource

digital teaching resource

A resource created for children to use might be an informative piece on recycling and how to recycle or a game they play where they learn about recycling. Think of all those educational apps created for children to just ‘USE’. This is basic level and if you can I suggest you try and create a resource for children to create as outlined below.


A resource created by children would be exactly what you create (your resource), you expect them to be able to create the same thing. If you create a video on recycling and you say students will create this video, you are virtually saying that they will be gaining an understanding of recycling by using technology to create it. So an example of this might be a stop motion video on recycling, the students would create scenes about recycling, take the photos, upload them to the computer, make them into a movie, etc, etc. See where I am going here… the children are involved in the whole process in this instance, where as in the example above for ‘children to use’ they are merely doing but not involved in the process of creating.

Remember this doesn’t have to be just a movie, it just needs to be creative and involving the use of technology. Whichever concept you choose to teach you have to be able to show how it fits into your curriculum whether it be the EYLF, AusVels or the Australian curriculum.

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