Posted: February 3rd, 2015

Discuss how the patient care that you have provided has influenced your career and your decision to continue your education?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Info about me to aid with the paper somewhat – (I am currently a Licenced Practical Nurse by Trade, trying to get accepted into a Registerd Nursing program.)

The 1st Essay Question is in the Paper Topic BOX.

The 2nd Essay Question is as Follows;
2) How do you see yourseld contributing to the nursing profession?

NO SOURCE’s are required as these are Admission Essay’s

   Qualifications Summary


Professional LPN with excellent clinical and customer service skills. Assists physicians with, technical procedures, and provides excellent nursing care. Successful in managing my time, prioritizing tasks, and improving quality of patient care.



Employment History



                                                                                                        June 2013 – Present

Wellness Coordinator/ Phlebotomist


  • Responsible for answering questions pertaining to the exam, assisting with billing inquires, takes co-payments and con
  • Performs vitals (ht, wt, bp) and records results in the system for.
  • Performs phlebotomy on all age ranges
  • Responsible for managing inventory and ordering supplies in a timely manner.




Primary Care                                                                                     July 2011 – Present

Office – LPN


  • Answers patient inquires and resolves issues, (Billing concerns, triage, scheduling problems)
  • Provides patient education for treatments (breathing tx’s, wound care, medication ect..)
  • Performs phlebotomy, chart vitals in EMR, EKG’s, administer injections, IV’s for pain management, pediatric and adult immunizations.
  • Assists the physician in office procedures.
  • In charge of ordering and managing medication and office supplies from outside vendors.
  • Responsible to obtain all certifications and prior-authorizations in order for patients to have out-side procedures and treatments performed.


Long-term/short-term Rehab facility                                                          Dec 2008 –May 2012

Charge Nurse

Per Diem                                                                                            June 2012 – Present


  • Responsible for the care and treatment of 38+ geriatric patients at one time. (LTC and Sub-acute)
  • Provided companionship, comfort and counseling for those patients without regular visitors.
  • CNA’s given report in order to assist with and keep eye open on key patients.
  • Dispensed prescribed medications, IV certified, g-tube care, oxygen and vitals.
  • Monitored, documented and treated wounds or minor treatments specific to patients care plan.
  • Assisted with admission procedures for newly entered patients.



Medical Offices                                                                                March 2009 – Aug 2009

Licensed Practical Nurse


  • Interview 40+ patients a day. Measure vital signs, update charts, prepare treatment rooms for examination of patient.
  • Phlebotomy injections, Coumadin checks, perform treatments, and other routine test.
  • Triage calls; order medications on line though pocket scripts and collected patients specimens’.






Expected Graduated: May 2017

Bachelors of Science, Healthcare Mgmt Major, Finance Minor



                                                                                                Graduated: December 2008

Practical Nurse Diploma

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