Posted: September 17th, 2017

Discussion essay: Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

There has 2 sections in this assignment:
1. Annotated bibliography: (400 words)
– find 2 articles that will be used as resources in the essay. must be academic articles. write a summary with critical evaluation of each article.
– Include this information for each article: * full APA referencing style
* article summary (what topic is written about in the article, what is the aim of the article, what is the author’s position, what conclusions does the article make)
* critical evaluation (how/why this article useful the essay, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the article, what is your opinion of the article)
– 200 words per each article.
– summary of main ideas. paraphrasing. academic language, grammar.
– good explanation of the usefulness of the article. Both strengths and weaknesses are addressed well.
2. Discussion essay (1000 words)
– Ideas and content: accurate information, responds appropriately and precisely to the task, good analysis of the topic. development ideas, critical thinking.
– Structure/organisation: logical thesis statement and main points are clear. accurate format.
– Grammar, Research and Referencing need to be accurate, paraphrase and in-text citations.

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