Posted: September 18th, 2017

Disruptive Technology: Positive or Negative

Disruptive Technology: Positive or Negative
Technology is constantly changing and, in turn, has the capacity to promote widespread social and economic change. For example, as blogger Bob Morris (2012) pointed out, if 3D printing technology becomes available to and accepted by the masses, it could dramatically shift control of consumer production. Everything from lifesaving medicines to high-grade weaponry could theoretically be manufactured by the individual, resulting in a significant economic and social change. Is such technological change desirable or detrimental?
Given the potential of technological change to generate economic upheaval, it should be no surprise that this question has garnered attention in the business research community. Theories have been developed to explain the development and diffusion of technological changes; the theory of disruptive technology being among the most influential. Since its introduction by Clayton Christensen in the mid 1990s, the theory has raised considerable debate. Topics of debate include what is the definition of disruptive technology, when and why it occurs; and how to predict, survive, or promote it. As the pace of technological change accelerates, business professionals have given increased attention to this field of research and the impact of disruptive technology.
To prepare: Consider recent disruptive technologies that have impacted your specialization or professional practice.
Find at least one peer-reviewed article related to disruptive technology.
Post your definition of disruptive technology and an informed opinion on whether you consider disruptive technology to have a primarily positive or negative impact. In line with your argument, identify who it benefits and who it adversely affects. Then, offer the two most important considerations for either surviving or taking advantage of disruptive technology.

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