Posted: September 17th, 2017

Diversification and Firm performance

Please re-write the literature review to provide comprehensive understanding about diversification and firm performance with relevant theories and argument with updated sources and references following Harvard style referencing and Academic British writing. Some pages in the scanned documents I attached here have comment and correction. So please follow the instructions from my professor. In addition, please edit or change wherever needed to make the literature more logical and tight; in order to be able to find down the gaps of this topic and develop a conceptual framework (I also uploaded 1 article about resource based theory so please use this if necessary ). On the other hand, there are so many issues with this current literature such as: lack of logic, word repetition, lack of explanation of theories and no sources or references.
Below is the comments from my professor, please use this as a guidance in structuring in your essay:

1. Review the literature to show weaknesses/ issues in extant knowledge.

a) Brief discussion/ explanation of the types of diversification.

b) Highlight their aim/ benefits and discuss their flaws/ negative effects thoroughly.

c) Define all key terms as they first appear in the discussion.

d) Proofread the work to avoid all repetition.

e) Be mindful of the use of ” as well as”

2. Draw conclusions from a clear + detailed analysis of the literature where issues have been explored.

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