Posted: January 17th, 2021

Does the digital economy increase entrepreneurship?

 I am a second year student at university and the essay due is for the module “The Digital Economy“. I study BSc Economics and tend to get 65-80% across all papers in general. The essay title is “Does the digital economy increase entrepreneurship?” and needs to consist of: an introductory paragraph, 1st perspective (with 2 points made within the perspective), 2nd perspective (again, 2 points made), a critique (2 points made) and then a conclusion. Referecning is Harvard and a bibliography of all sources will need to be included on a seperate page at the end of the essay. It should feature sources and the aim is to “Analyse, synthesise and present data”, and “At a minimum, you need to combine at least two sources and summarise or merge them in a table or chart or graph. For higher grades (for the data criteria) you will do this several times, or with more sources”. The number of sources doesn’t need to be 6 (this is just a ballpark figure), and the essay is to be between 900-1,100 words long excluding the bibliography (so roughly 3 pages but again, a ballpark figure). These are the areas we have covered in class to give you an idea of the module but the essay doesn’t need to only stick to these themes: Digital Work, Collaboration and Group Work: Changes to Society, Organisational Culture, Managing Work in the Digital Economy, Aglie, Flexible and Portfolio Work. For the right grade, I am flexible with my price that has been set.

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