Posted: April 8th, 2021

Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community

It is important to realize that counselors review current research in order to identify supportable practices to employ when working with a specific population, problem, or need.  In order to demonstrate your integration and application of the conceptual material presented in this course, you will compose a proposal for a needs assessment and program evaluation you could conduct in the forensic counseling field. The proposal needs to be a minimum of 12 pages in length and adhere to APA format (6th Edition), including a title page, abstract, reference list, and correct citations.  The proposal will be graded according to the completeness of the outline provided in the syllabus as well as the grading rubric provided here.I. APA Formatted title page (Title, page numbers, running head, author information)II. APA formatted abstract of no more than 100 words. The abstract should introduce the problem or need you are focusing on, summarize research on that problem, and state what practices are best to address the problemIII. IntroductionState the problem or need you are focusing on (e.g., teen pregnancy, domestic violence, dually-diagnosed offenders, etc.), explaining why this problem is relevant to your geographic area using a text (article, report, monograph, etc.) to support your claimCritical Literature Review: Summarize and critique recent research on your topic. Along with the text you used to support your claim that the topic is relevant to your area, you must base your review on at least: (Will be provided)Two quantitative journal articles (may be experiment, survey, or meta-analysis based)One qualitative journal articleOne other critical literature review source (journal article, book, or book chapterIV. Best PracticesIdentify a counseling intervention that has been demonstrated to address the problem or need you chose. Describe the intervention using one study (quantitative, qualitative, journal, book, book chapter, dissertation, etc.) to support your descriptionBriefly summarize what a school, community agency, or other organization would need to implement the interventionV. Needs AssessmentStakeholders: Identify the people you would like to interview in order to ensure your program is meeting genuine community needs. These include not only members of the population the intervention was designed for use with, but their family members, other professional groups likely to interact with the population, and other people that might help/hinder the implementation of the interventionInterview Questionnaire: Create a set of questions you would use to complete your needs assessment. The questions should be guided by an overarching research question and designed to create a rich and trustworthy understanding of the needs your project is focused on (based on the principles of qualitative research) (For this I would be creating a questionaire for the workers and the clients) Make sure to include questions regarding the avalibility of resources VI. Program Evaluation: Describe a plan to evaluate your program or intervention once it is implemented. You will be evaluating the following programs: Partnership Against Domestic Violence (ATL, GA) and All-1-Family (ATL, GA) on what services they provide for the targeted demographic. Then you answer the following on how you will implement everything below into making the programs better. Specifically:Informed Consent Letter: Create a letter describing your project, the likely risks and benefits, how data will be stored, and who a participant should contact if they have questionsDescribe the data you would want to collect to demonstrate the intervention’s efficacyIdentify when you would want to collect said data and whyDescribe how you would collect your data (observation, assessment instrument, interview, etc.)Describe who the main participants will be and your sampling strategy, justifying bothAnalytical Method: Describe the statistical method you would use to evaluate the efficacy of your intervention, including the limitations and strengths of that methodVII. APA Formatting: Along with the title page, page numbers, and abstract, you need to:Create a reference list for all sources usedUse correct citation formatsFollow guidelines on parallel structure, avoiding bias, and using the active voiceFollow guidelines on grammar and punctuationDue to the amount of work if there is any questions please text me for a faster response 

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