Posted: September 18th, 2017

Drivers and characteristics of successful employee engagement (from an employer’s perspective)

Employee engagement is acknowledged as a strong predictor of employee and work unit performance. The challenge facing employers is that some employees lack engagement. What strategies can an employer use to ensure that employees successfully engage with their colleagues, tasks, and the workplace? As part of your response include a discussion of psychological models and framework underpinning employees’ behavior in the workplace.

Students are to make use of a wide range of scholarly resources to support their discussion There is no mandated minimum number of resources that students must use, as they should be guided by the need to reinforce or support an argument rather than any perceived need to meet a quota of references.

 Assignments are to be typed, 1.5 spacing between lines, and 12-point font
 Students are to use the Harvard referencing system,

 Students requiring assistance with their referencing should contact the Law and
Business Liaison Librarian In-text citations are included in the word limit. The reference list at the end of the report is not included in the word limit.

Assessment criteria:
 Grasp of concepts and issues
 Level of critical thought/insight
 Persuasiveness of argument
 Eloquence of expression
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