Posted: September 18th, 2017

dynamic capabilities

You are required to critically analyse the content and usefulness
Your critique should have three sections. The first section should provide a brief overview of the article’s content, summarising the article’s topic, the ideas it reports, and the author’s key conclusions. The second section should identify the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s research or argument. The third section should outline the practical implications of the author’s findings for managers. Students are expected to use a minimum of ten (10) academic references in your critique.

1-Summary of article topic.
Key concepts are identified. Research method or central argument is accurately defined. Key findings or conclusions are explained in detail
2-Critical evaluation of Strengths & Weaknesses.
use references to support the answer not just re summarising.
Three or more strengths identified Detailed explanation of how it affected the value of the work.
Three or more weaknesses identified Detailed explanation of how it affected the value of the work.
3-Discussion of managerial implications.
Comprehensive discussion of the managerial implications arising from the article; very clear linkages established to real-world strategic issues

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