Posted: September 17th, 2017

E-Business Assignment

E-Business Assignment
“Innovation is anything, but business as usual” (Anonymous).
You are required to identify three online businesses that you feel are innovative and write a report outlining their business models. Giving your reasons explain whether your three examples are truly innovative or whether they are just modifications of existing business models? The three examples you identify should not all be from the same country. They should also be from organisations that are of a different size (i.e. not all from 3 large organisations or 3 small organisations).
The assignment assesses your ability to be articulate, informed and to apply business model concepts to three real businesses demonstrating an awareness and understanding of the range of issues and factors involved. The business report will be assessed on the basis of:
 Clear and logical discussion of each business model covering the Core Value Proposition and the Sources and Methods of Revenue Generation stating any assumptions that you make
 Application and understanding of business model concepts
 Identification and use of three appropriate innovative business models giving examples of organisations following them
 Evidence of wide reading/research to substantiate the discussion
 Justification for statements made (e.g. logical reasoning rather than unsupported statements)
 Critical appraisal rather than pure description
 Suitability of the three businesses proposed
 Clear title, summary, contents and conclusion
 Clear citation and referencing (sources – relevance, range, citation accuracy)
 Professional standards of presentation
Appendices may be used if appropriate – these should be clearly titled and correctly numbered (these do not form part of the 3000 words).
The businesses need to be innovation and therefore not from the ones that are widely known about e.g. Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Alibaba etc. You will be marked down if you use the well known traditional online Businesses.
Remember do NOT cut and paste from the Internet – this is PLAGIARISM!!
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