Posted: September 17th, 2017

Eager and fear of going to war.

 As a multi-generational American citizen, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, do you support the internment of your Japanese neighbors?
 As an 18 year old, male high school senior, are you eager or fearful of going to war?
 As an 18 year old, female high school senior, are you eager or fearful of going into the wartime factories?
 Is the crisis in Europe something that the U.S. should join in; or should the U.S. remain isolated?
 Is the possibility of ending the Depression reason enough to join the war?
concidering  the influence of the below factors and conditions which are relevant to all the topics and provide historical detail relevant to your topics:
 perceptions or impacts of limitations on and advocacy for civil rights,
 influence by propaganda or stereotypes,
 impacts of international events or crises, and
 impacts of economic conditions.

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