Posted: September 17th, 2017

Early Warming

Early Warming

After reading Early Warming : Parts Two and Three, choose and respond to two of the following, with reference to the reading assignment. (Cite at least 2 quotes from the book.)

1. Lord shares different perspectives of the river, including the experience paddling on it, locating it as a think line on a map, and observing it from high above the boreal slopes that flank it.  How does each view vary?  What does she include them all?
2. Lord pays attention to the visual elements in her environment, but she’s also attentive to sound.  What are sounds that she pays attention to?  Why?  What other senses does Lord evoke?
3. Comment on Lord’s observation of the boreal wilderness:  “I thought how frightening it is that, even in places with so little human occupancy, we can alter the conditions of life.”
4. What are the advantages to using both indigenous and scientific knowledge in land use planning?
5. What does David Livingstone mean when he says finding a balance between environmental protection and economic development primarily concerns “managing human activity?”
6.What is deforestation and what are its impacts?

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