Posted: September 17th, 2017


You have now thought about different paradigms and different ways of producing data. You have also taken some research decisions of your own in responding to TMA 03. You are now asked to reflect on the different ways in which researchers respond to some of the core concepts about which you have thought.
1. Read Hodkinson, P. and Macleod, F. (2010) ‘Contrasting concepts of learning and contrasting research methodologies: affinities and bias’, British Educational Research Journal, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 173–89.
This is a position article. You will note that it relies on argument and example more than empirical evidence and draws on theories from constructionism and positivism to make sense of how methods of data collection ensure that data production is aligned with paradigm positions.
2. What do these authors say about the three-way relationship between (a) design frames, (b) the way in which research methods are put into practice and (c) paradigm positions on learning? (Approx 1000 words.)
3. Do you see the argument made by Hodkinson and Macleod supporting or contesting that put forward by Ercikan and Roth (2006) which you read for Action 3.1? (Approx 700 words.)
4. Reflect on the proposal which you prepared for TMA 03. In the light of your consideration of the articles by Hodkinson and Macleod, and Ercikan and Roth, would you wish to amend your proposal in any way? Give reasons for your response. (Approx 300 words.)

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