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Final Paper

7 pages long, APA

Some guidelines for the paper are following :

The qualities valued in your written assignment will be:
1.    Appropriate response:
Are you fulfilling the requirements of the assignment or just developing your research?
2.    Organization and Clarity:
Is your writing well organized and are your ideas emerging in a lucid and clear manner?
3.    Conciseness:
Is your writing demonstrating your ideas in a non-repetitious way?

•    Write a paper suggesting your ideal educational philosophy and relevant, practical interpretations of this philosophy for education. Include ideas from at least 3 specific educational philosophies that have helped formulate your thoughts. Incorporate an analysis of education today, including how technology has made an impact on education, and how your philosophy might be particularly appropriate to our educational needs, at present. Does your philosophy further the concept of lifelong learning? How and Why?

•    Note: Your abstract should include a complete, but very brief overview of your developed philosophy.

Classic and Contemporary Reading in the Philosophy of Education, edited by Steven M. Cahn (2012)

Socrates: The questioning. It is by doing good that we become good

Aristotle: Posteriori –knowledge experience we acquire knowledge through senses. Intellectual pursuit of happiness.

John Locke (1632-1704)

Empiricism we acquire knowledge through our experiences.
Each of us is a Tabula Rasa a blank sheet of paper.
Sound Mind Sound Body.
Great principle and foundation when you are young.
Rules not too many, but well observed.

Jean Jacques Rousseau:  Emile* Plants are fashioned by cultivation, men by
May I set forth at this point the most important and                     the most useful rule in all education? It is not to save time but to waste it. The most dangerous period in human life is that between birth and the age of twelve.
The book Robinson Crusoe.

“The role and place of a child” “Let the child be a

Horace Mann: The Education of Free Men

Under the providence of God, our means of education are the grand machinery by which the “raw material” of human nature can be worked up into inventers and discoverers, into skilled artisans, and scientific farmers, into scholars and jurists…. the Poets of Humanity.

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