Posted: September 17th, 2017

Effective studying skills

Effective studying skills

Select the 10 most effective study skills strategies. Include methods and procedures for each skill.Do

not use direct quotations for your listed strategies and do no simply paraphrase one or two lists

found online. Use original, thoughtful and research based strategies. See 10 effective study skills

below 10 effective study skills Creating a positive mood. May require looking at a different angle to

stimulate interest in the subject being studied. I’m a believer in “healthy body, healthy mind”. Eating

nutritious foods can maintain focus on the study material. Rid yourself of distractions. May require

going to a quiet place, such as a library. A good nights rest the night before will help in waking up

refreshed for the exam. Arriving a few minutes early to class where the exam will take place,

maintains a focused state of mind. Attend or create study groups. This opens new opportunities to

hear additional information that may have been missed when studying alone. Participants in the

study group can test one another. Exercise the day before the exam. This helps relieve stress and

tension. Prioritize what needs to get done first. Study material that you know will definitely be on the

test. Highlight main ideas in the text. When studying, the information will stand out. Build effective

thinking skills when reading notes and textbooks.

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