Posted: September 12th, 2015

Effects of atrazine are on human health

Policy Memo
In wet years as much as 7% or more of total Atrazine applied can be lost to surface water sources. Please write a policy memo that persuades policy makers either in favor of the continued use of Atrazine or to ban Atrazine as the UK has already done. Please address the following questions in the memo and address the concerns that may be present.
• _The towns concern about their drinking water supply in this scenario?

• _What type of pesticide atrazine is and how long is remains in the environment?

• _the effects of atrazine are on human health

• _the effects of atrazine on animals

• _Impact of atrazine on groundwater

• _the implications to farmers if Atrazine was banned, ie address cost benefit issues if a ban

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