Posted: February 9th, 2015

Effects of Peer Feedback on the Development of L2 Writing

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Below is my course descriptions for a final project.
“For a course project, students will turn in a research proposal on a topic of their choice. The proposal should cover the literature review, rationale, statement of research questions and hypotheses (if any), determination of the methodology to be employed, and the collection of some data if possible.”

So, my topic of choice is “Effects of Peer Feedback on the Developmnet of L2 writing”.

This will be a qualitative research paper, and please complete �Introduction� and �Literature Review� parts in accordance with the guideline and based on the research methods described below.

Guideline of �Literature Review�
1.What is Peer Feedback(or peer review/ peer comments)? (Definition)
2.Benefits/kudos of Peer Feedback (Please, refer to ‘the latest’ references)
3.Drawbacks/criticisms of Peer Feedback (Please, refer to ‘the latest’ references)
4.(please wrap up this part by saying that �because of so many kudos and criticisms on peer feedback, it is worthwhile applying peer feedback in Korean language learning context to see how it works�.)

Plus, please mention �Vygotsky�s sociocultural theory� in this paper because it is theoretical basis for peer feedback.
Research Methods
Research Questions:
1. Does the use of peer feedback help to improve L2 writing linguistically?
2. How do L2 learners interact with peers during the peer feedback session?
3. What is L2 learners’ perception of the use of peer review on their writing?

Participants: 15 high school students (upper-intermediate)

Duration: 2 hours twice a week for 18 weeks

Research Method:
? Genre Process-oriented approach including reading on specific themes, mini-lectures on target text types(writing an email, writing a summary, expressing an opinion), pre-writing tasks, multiple-drafting, peer review and teacher-student conferencing
? 6 writing assignments (three drafts for each of the six writing assignments)
? Writing cycle for each assignment lasts about three week: first draft ? peer review ? second draft ? teacher feedback ? third draft ? final submission
? For detailed, carefully thought-out feedback, students have one class hour for oral response and two days for written response and revise their drafts in response to peer and teacher feedback.


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