Posted: September 18th, 2017

Electric two-wheels in China and Vietnam, the market analysis

Electric two-wheels in China and Vietnam, the market analysis


Literature review:
find some articles that describe the current situation of China E2Ws market, the success stories and factors, also the issues and potential forecast. Comparing with the domestic EV industry first, for showing the advantages of developing E2Ws at current stage. state the current problem of E2Ws development and the need of relocation for those Chinese E2Ws company.
-In addition, introduce the E2Ws in other countries, especially the Vietnam.
Comparing those countries, demonstrate Vietnam could be a potential target market for the Chinese E2Ws companies other than India and Indonesia.
-Describe the potential culture impact on these two countries’ trading, such as similar Ideology, political structure, traditional culture. and most importantly, Vietnam learn and choose the same development path; Additionally, the Chinese dominated culture impact to Vietnamese young people, media, movie, tv program, which probably leads to a positive impact on Chinese products.
-State some internal or external risks that could damage Chinese E2Ws business developing in Vietnam, For example, the territorial dispute in recent years.

Quantitative method, sample size 200, analysis tools: SPSS
Primary data and Secondary data used both

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