Posted: August 8th, 2015

Create an email that informs using one of the following scenarios;

email bad news

Create an email that informs using one of the following scenarios;

Remember the 3-part construction of a memo. Include a subject line.

the assignment will be graded on following the prescriptions for delivering bad news, appropriate inclusion of the rationale, wordiness issues, appropriate grammar, spelling, fulfillment of purpose and appropriate language directed at the stated audience with the intent to maintain the audience’s goodwill.

Credit refusal- office furniture purchase:

As Melissa shim, credit manger at concept office furniture, you must turn down a credit application from Alan medwell of discount realty. Mr. medwell has places a sizeable order for modular office furniture, asking for 120-day credit  terms. Though discount realty has been customer in the past, a review of their financial difficulty. Refuse Mr. medwell’s request for credit while encouraging his business now or in the future.

Here are a few things to remember as you prepare to communicate bad news

1)buffer the opening: begin by buffer the opening. begin by referring to the credit application and expressing appreciation for the customers business.

2)use discretion in explaining the reason for the refusal. Be careful in disclosing third party information from credit agencies. Business clients often provide finical information from credit agencies. Business clients often provided financial information directly to suppliers. Only in these circumstances are you free to state your reasons straightforwardly, and even then you must exercise tact to avoid offending anyone.

3) Soften the refusal with a passive-voice construction. a refusal such as a credit
cannot be extended to you at this time is less likely to cause bad feeling than we cannot extend  credit to you or your credit application has failed

4) offer incentives to sustain business. Point out the advantages of doing business on  cash basis.

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