Posted: September 18th, 2017

Employees turnover

Employee turnover

For Chinese mid-sized manufacturing industries, employee turnover has been a significant drawback and it has increased gradually in this couple of years. One of the reason for this high turnover rate is the high level of job dissatisfaction and poor motivational policies within white-collar employees. Those problems are caused by issues such as uncomfortable working environment, lower salary scales and poor job design. Thus, the high turnover rate seen in the industry is a growing cause for concern.

1. Identify the relationship between the way a job was designed and how it control motivation
among employees.
2. To access the impact of job design on motivation of employees.
3. Determine if motivation influences job design.
4. Establish the relationship between job design and employee motivation in the middle-sized of manufacturing industries in China.
5 Give some recommendations about how job design sets and changes can improve the effectiveness of employee motivation in the three manufacturing firms.

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