Posted: September 17th, 2017

Employment law

Employment law

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Critically assess the law relating to the obligation on an employer to make reasonable adjustments under disability discrimination law.


You are to discuss whether this obligation on employers has achieved the objective required by government.

This will require an analysis of the relevant sections of the Equality Act 2010 and interpreting case-law. This case law will necessarily involve consideration of both pre and post Equality precedents.

You will also need to explain your position regarding reasonable adjustments. Does the law place too great an obligation on employers or is the law failing in its duties to employees with disabilities? Or does the law generally achieve justice between the parties but with the aspects of the law requiring further consideration?

Demonstrate a sound and detailed knowledge of:
· The sources of employment law at both supranational and national levels.
· Employment law in a wider context i.e. the impact on and of history, politics, society and economics.

Critically evaluate and advise upon employment law problems.
Show a critical understanding of the competing issues involved in striving to attain the end of a balance between the various parties involved.
Produce a concise and appropriately structured assignment addressing important employment law issues.
Undertake independent online and library-based research.
Identify and analyse critically key legal and policy issues in the context of discrimination protection law.
Employ a socio-legal perspective upon the interaction of the law and society.
Engage in soundly reasoned legal and policy arguments, by way of the written presentation.
Think logically, to assess competing ideas impartially and to identify and solve employment law problems relating to discrimination in the workplace.

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