Posted: September 17th, 2017


Your task is to analyse whether you should acquire an existing business or not (the existing business should be a Small and Medium Enterprise). You can assume for the purposes of this assignment that you wish to enter the world of entrepreneurship by acquiring this business.

The purpose of this exercise is to see whether you have thoroughly analysed the business that you wish to acquire and have understood the opportunity that it presents.

Write a report ensuring that you:

◾Provide a brief description of the organisation that you wish to acquire and why you are interested in this business.

◾Emphasise the role planning had in your business decision.

◾Focus on demonstrating an understanding of the entrepreneurial concepts and frameworks relevant to buying an existing business and other related course concepts that are pertinent to the firm you wish to acquire within your analysis.

◾Recommend whether or not you will acquire this business. Explicitly state the reasons behind your decision.

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