Posted: September 18th, 2017

Environmental pollution

environmental pollution
Select a physical item. Your selected item must represent some aspect concerning environmental pollution as a direct result of human activities. Write a 700- to 1,050-word argument discussing how your selected item contributes to environmental pollution. Include the following:

• Describe your selected item.
• What is the significance of this item?
• What relationship exists between your item and pollution? Identify the origin or causes of the pollution.
• What is your item’s relationship to people and the environment?
• What are the possible effects and consequences of this pollution to human and ecosystem health?
• What does your item and pollution issue mean to the present and future quality of life to you, your family, your community, your region, the nation, and the world?
• How does your object relate to climate change?
• How does your item connect some significant attitude or action that people might use toward changing how others think, react, or take actions in solving, eliminating, or reducing your selected pollution issue?
• Identify treatments and preventative measures for this pollution.
• Identify and discuss what caused you to reconsider your attitude, mindset, values, and actions to change regarding your selected issue.
• How or what might you do to suggest, influence, or be a role model who inspires individuals, your community, or region to improve the existing conditions of the environment in relationship to your item and your selected issue?

Additional Tips

• Your argument is not valid if it is only your opinion.
• In defending your stance, ask “So what?” and “Who cares?” to test potential challenges your audience may ask you to test if your argument is convincing or not. These are two questions to test if your argument is convincing or not.
• You may include a short personal story with a limited use of first-person pronouns.
• Your story must be relevant to your pollution issue.
• Use APA guidelines including citations and references.
• Include no less than one reference.
• Demonstrate that you were reflective, innovative, or creative in constructing your argument.
• Negative or resigned arguments are not valid.
• Local campus students can bring this item in as show and tell. Discuss this with your instructor.

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