Posted: September 17th, 2017

Epic of Gilgamesh/Genesis

Epic of Gilgamesh/Genesis

Project description
rom this list, select one pair and write at least a 600 word comparison and contrast essay in formal academic style. Consider what each work says about its respective society in which it was written. For 25 points, you need to answer this question in the body of your paper: How does each work reflect its own particular society in a unique fashion? You will need to consider how it does that and how the pieces show the differences between their respective societies. For example, what makes the Epic of Gilgamesh expressly Babylonian and Genesis expressly Hebrew? You will need to read in Bishop about the works, their eras, and their societies. D2L has some further information.FEEL FREE TO USE ANY VERSION, EDITION, OR TRANSLATION YOU WISH, OR USE THESE LINKS.apers and essays are to be written in formal academic style. This means these are formal papers. The recommended book, Writing About Art, is recommended for students with limited knowledge about writing about art and music, as well as students who need a refresher on how to document, cite, and even put together a cohesive essay. This book is NOT required, but if you need extra help, you might wish to consider purchasing it.


Use contractions (dont, isnt, wouldnt, its)

Use personal references (I think, in my opinion, you, me, I)


Offensive language

Never plagiarize! When in doubt, use a citation. These would look like this: (Austen, 21).

Contact me if you need further help.

Please limit the number of quotes you use. No more than 10% of your paper should be quotes.

Epic of Gilgamesh,, (11th Tablet: The Flood). Click on Library to access, the click on Mesopotamian or try

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