Posted: September 18th, 2017



Alison Bechdel – The Rule:

The Mako Mori Test:

The Racial Bechdel Test:

In the TedTalk, Adichie makes an argument about the dangers of the single story. Bechdel ‘s argument also touches on a kind of single story found in movies as does Romano’s and the “Racial Bechdel Test.” Each examines, in some way, the relationship between media and the single story.

Compose a well-thought out essay that makes an argument about the relevance and/or usefulness of such tests in avoiding the danger of the single story in modern-day America.

Questions that might aid you in thinking about this topic: Is there a “single story”? If so, who tells it and who believes it? If not, why might one believe there is? (How) do these tests challenge or reinforce the idea of the single story? Is there a better way to challenge the single story? Should the single story be challenged at all?

Remember all of the pre-writing tools you have: annotation, rhetorical analysis, freewriting, questioning (brainstorm questions about each text), defining your terms, and more. Note: You can cite movies that you have seen if it is appropriate and aids you in supporting your argument. You should consult TLSH or the Purdue Owl website for information on correct MLA formatting. Also, I have purposefully used the word “media” and not “movies” in the prompt itself; you can, if relevant and in support of your thesis, discuss other forms of media.

Parameters for this Assignment:

ï‚· Write at least 1,250 words, but not more than 2,500.

ï‚· MLA-formatted {link to video refresher on MLA style}

ï‚· Include a Works Cited as the last page of your essay

ï‚· Sources to be used:

o Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk: “The Danger of a Single Story”

o Alison Bechdel’s “The Rule”

o Aja Romano’s “The Mako Mori Test: Pacific Rim Inspires a Bechdel Test Alternative”

o “The Racial Bechdel Test”

***You MUST make direct reference (quote from) EACH source at least TWICE, weaving the author’s words into your OWN sentence, and always explaining HOW the quote supports your argument (thesis sentence)***Ess

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