Posted: September 18th, 2017



Min. four full pages essay about Ibsen’s A Doll House. MLA


Questions: How does the play’s title A Doll House express the problems and questions playwright Ibsen poses to the audience of his play? Who are the dolls and what is the doll house in Ibsen’s drama in the widest, deepest sense? (Start with Nora, DR. Rank………)


Introduction: The introduction sets up the essay’s general topic, narrowed topic, the question the essay asks of this topic, and then fully expresses the answer (thesis) the essay will argue.


Thesis/answer: An explicit thesis (answer) is expressed in the introduction. The thesis directly answers the given essay question. The answer/ thesis is thought and fully expressed enough to introduce its own main evidence and reasoning. (Not just “what” but also “how” or “because”.)


Essay structure: the entire essay displays a clear skeletal structure and organizational plan throughout: clear introduction, body, and conclusion sections. Paragraphs move the essay’s argument forward using smooth, logical transitions.


Body paragraphs: each middle or body paragraph begins with a topic sentence explicitly connected with a significant part of the essay’s thesis or argument. Each body paragraph presents convincing evidence to effectively demonstrate or support the topic sentence argument. Paragraphs use appropriate rhetorical modes (e.g. narrative, description, definition, comparison and contrast, etc.) in a clear dialogue engaging evidence and sources. Evidence may include objective facts, examples, reasoning as well as exploring counter-arguments and counter examples. Each body paragraph’s discussion moves beyond obvious summary and paraphrase to provide useful insight into the paragraph’s topic and point.


Conclusion paragraph: A definite conclusion paragraph draws a strong logical conclusion from the evidence presented and argued in the body paragraphs. The conclusion reconnects with the essay’s thesis but goes beyond simply repeating the thesis.

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