Posted: September 18th, 2017

Essay in finance

This project requires you to review a personal finance book. Personal finance books are easy to find in bookstores and libraries.


You need to find a book on some aspect of personal finance (taxes, investing, saving, banking, becoming rich, financial planning, etc…), read it, and write a review of it.


Your review should include a summary of the book, your comments on the book, and how it relates to

Planning, Cash Management, Markets & Investing, Markets, Stocks, Housing & Mortgages, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds

to this book


Does the advice and information agree with what presented in the above electronlic book mention topics, or does it come from a different perspective?


It should take you in the range of  4 pages


the most important points in the essay : Following directions, quality and clarity of writing, professionalism, and grammar/spelling


1-The paper should demonstrates a superior command of the subject matter and presents that information so effectively that the reader enjoys reading the paper and learns from it.

2-The paper shows a clear pattern of organization that captivates the audience and keeps readers involved through all stages of the paper.

3-Moreover, The paper reveals a sophistication in style and an original voice; sequences are appropriately varied in length and construction; transitions are used to produce a smooth flow for the reader; connections between unrelated sentences and ideas are clear. In addition, individual sentences are concise, clear, and highly specific.

4-The paper demonstrates a high degree of selectivity in word choice and contains few errors in mechanics and grammar. The paper is the work of a writer who is able to deal comfortably with complex material and can decipher that material effectively for others. As a result of its careful organizational structure and development by example, all factors both in content and style, combine to form a unified whole.

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