Posted: September 18th, 2017

Essay Question

Essay Question :
Choose one unit film that can be usefully explained using two or three of the following ideas and categories.Explain reasons for your choice. Most of the terms can be suffixed with the term ‘cinema’:‘accented cinema’, ‘Third (world) cinema’, ‘fourth cinema’, ‘transnational cinema’, ‘exilic’, ‘accented’, ‘anti-colonial’, ‘political’,‘diasporic’. Illustrate your answer with a cinematic analysis and explanation of two and not more than three,short sequences.
Introduction (Abstract/Synopsis/Road map) Succinct summary overview of topic, film, method, main theorists &major concepts used, materials, steps in the argument, & conclusion. Tie everything to named unit authors, throughout.)
Reflexive introduction (Introduce yourself very briefly, concentrating on your links to the topic. Aim to establish your voice as the overriding author.) Should have only enough detail to get a sense of where you are standing when you interpret stuff. A vignette or short experience you have had, or other creative way in, is an acceptable way to introduce yourself. Aim to establish your voice as the overriding author.)
Background to film/place/era/audiences/ technology/politics/liberation struggles etc. if necessary.Sometimes this info. is best in the body of the essay as part of the argument.
Literature Review (Explain your theorists’ key ideas in detail. Use you own words. Minimize quotes. Link each idea to named & referenced unit author(s). By the end of your Lit. Review you will have built a clear, coherent framework of ideas to be used to analyze the film or TV programme. It must be adequate to explain the film in answer to the Q.

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