Posted: September 17th, 2017

Ethical Decision-Making and its Relevance to Marketing Practioners


Word limit/presentation criteria
2500 words. A 10% penalty will be imposed for every 500 words over the word limit

This is assignment should be presented in an ESSAY style format with a word count of 2,500 words (word count excludes figures, tables, charts, appendices, list of references). The editorial requirements are: font Arial 12
� Experiment and develop personal initiative and responsibility in undertaking complex investigations in the solving of organisational problems and issues.
� Critically analyse and apply key ideas and concepts via comprehensive research relevant both to the subject area and to professional practice in the field.
� Use terminology associated with the subject area accurately and in a way, which demonstrates sophisticated knowledge and understanding.
� Develop and enhance both individually and collaboratively effective written and oral communication skills for both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
Details of the task

The EKB model of decision-making is �based on the idea that a consumer is an information processing �machine�. Although helpful in structuring this sequence…the model is not really useful in understanding real-life consumer decisions� (Beckmann cited in Solomon et al. 2010, p317). This observation might explain marketing practitioners� problems in understanding ethical consumer behaviour. Using relevant examples, discuss the limitations of cognitive-based decision-making models and identify alternative decision-making theories which may assist marketing practitioners in obtaining more thorough behavioural insights into the ethical consumer.

As a guide, you should attempt to include in your discussion:

� A comparison of relevant decision-making models such as The Nicossia, Howard-Sheth and/or EKB models (35 marks);

� An explanation of their strengths and limitations in helping marketers understand ethical consumers (35 marks);

� Identification of alternative theories which can help marketers achieve a greater understanding of ethical consumer decision-making (30 marks).

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