Posted: September 17th, 2017

Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma Paper Guideline

This assignment will guide the student in writing a scholarly paper that requires the exploration of nursing values and behaviors that are essential in advanced role practice in nursing. Many ethical dilemmas occur in the delivery of health care, and this paper will give the student a practice opportunity in resolving a health related problem that presents as an ethical dilemma. The requirements of the paper will guide the student in improving his/her capacity to rely on personal intelligence and moral responsibility to analyze ethical situations, anticipate consequences, and take action with courage. The student will consider and explore the issues and the complexities in making a decision that has ethical ramifications. Alternative solutions are justified based upon the evidence of the literature and the ethical basis for the solution. The positive and negative sides of the decision are to be clearly defined. Please follow the below directions for writing the paper.

The paper should be written using APA (6th ed.) guidelines. The paper must be no more than 7 typed, double-spaced pages, excluding cover and reference pages. If the paper exceeds 7 pages, only the first 7 will be graded.
Each day your paper is late, there will be a 5 point deduction penalty

Ethical dilemma paper 100 points

Topic and definition of the dilemma-what is the ethical dilemma and what are the possible choices to make in the ethical dilemma? Purpose of the paper clearly stated. Answer the question of “what would happen if nothing were done?” 10 points

Framework model used for decision making. Two resolutions to the dilemma are summarized and the process for using is explained; references required 20 points

Ethical principles used to guide the decision- all ethical principles that are applicable in making a decision regarding the assigned ethical dilemma should be organized in a matrix. The matrix will demonstrate the rationale to justify your resolutions. Autonomy, justice, beneficence, and nonmaleficence are examples of ethical principles that must be considered in the decision. 35 points

Contextual issues are defined. Relationship of the dilemma decision with family and significant others 15 points

Summary. Purpose of the paper and key findings are summarized. What are all of the possible outcomes, both positive and negative 10 points
APA format 10 points

Total 100 points

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