Posted: September 17th, 2017

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical considerations are increasingly important in the practice of marketing research. For the first

week, you will consider six ethical dilemmas confronting marketing research practitioners. In this

unit’s study, you read Case 1-3, Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing Research, from page 28 in your

Marketing Research text. For this assignment, review the case, paying particular attention to the

situation and identified issues.

Based on what you have learned from your reading in this unit and from your review of the case, prepare a report 2–4 pages long in which you do the following:

•Determine key criteria for evaluating ethical situations.

•Evaluate the key ethical dilemma in each scenario.

•Develop recommendations related to improving ethical research and reporting.

•Include justification that supports the recommended process or approach.

Make sure to identify each scenario as a separate section of your paper.


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