Posted: September 13th, 2017

ethical views

ethical views

Now you have learned utilitarianism and Kantian ethics. The readings involved are Mill, Sandel, Thomson and Pettit. Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics are quite different. Between utilitarianism and Kantian ethics, which one do you think is more reasonable in explaining or justifying moral principles? How are you going to respond to the weaknesses of the one that you choose?

Please be reminded that a paper must contain a claim and reasons for the claim. You should not think that you only need to give summaries of the four readings. Also, it is important to discuss the arguments for and against your favorite view. It is not rational to say that you believe a certain theory is true but then you ignore the objections that you have read about that theory.

This paper has 50 points. It should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced. If you write longer than 8 pages, you will lose 10 points per page. You should pay attention to the deadline. If your paper is late by less than two hours, 20 points will be deducted automatically. After two hours, you will get zero. You don’t need to put a bibliography or reference page there. You may simply use footnotes to indicate the articles and the page numbers. A few grammatical or spelling mistakes will be tolerated. But if you have too many such mistakes, which usually reflects that you are not taking it seriously, points will be deducted. If you are an international student and need help in language, you should consult International Student and Scholar Services Office, 204E Rike Center, (937) 229-2748.
You need not submit an outline to me beforehand. But if you do, please note that I can only take a look at an outline that is limited to one page. Please make such a request at least 5 business days before the deadline.

All your paper submission will go through a software that detects plagiarism. Academic dishonesty could result in immediate failure of the course and a permanent record on your transcript. You would easily put yourself into great misery if you look for information online.

Please be reminded again that there are guidelines on writing a philosophy paper. Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper. One important advice is that you should start early!

Accuracy of content, 25

You should demonstrate accurate understanding of the materials.

Breadth of content, 10

When some ideas that can be found in the reading are relevant, you should discuss them.

Articulation, 10

This is about the overall organization, presentation and reasoning in your paper.

Originality, 5

This is probably the hardest to get. You don’t merely give some comments and opinions, but they also have to make a lot of sense and show serious reflection.

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