Posted: September 18th, 2017

Ethics in and through Technology

Ethics in and through Technology

Identify a current application for digital technology you believe has social, moral, and ethical implications for teachers and/or students based on your current role in education (e.g., grade level, content area, leadership role). If you are not currently working in an educational setting (broadly defined), please identify a context you are interested in using to frame your work. Technology is broadly defined to include anything from a piece of hardware (laptop, gaming console, tablet) to software, apps, and social media platforms.
Research this issue, identifying various perspectives on the positives and negatives of this topic. As you are researching, pay particular attention to educational implications for access, equity, social relationships, privacy laws/concerns, etc.
Create a short policy brief or parent informational document with practical recommendations for your target audience (e.g., students, parents, the school board, the administration of your school or district). This work must be based on the thoughtful use of research (not just opinion).
Citing at least three research-based sources, write a 4- to 5-page paper that does the following:
Briefly describe the issue you will discuss.
Explain the technology tool or application you have chosen. How do you see it related to ethical concerns for students and/or teachers?
Identify your chosen emphasis area for character development based on your reading from the course text (Seider, 2012).
Identify current research on the topic that looks at trends in this area (this might include statistics on use, frequency of negative behaviors, etc.).
Pay particular attention to social and moral issues that are raised as related to your chosen technology.
Develop a synthesis of recommendations for safe, ethical use of that particular technology application, while also supporting educational initiatives or aims of schooling.
Tie your recommendations back to the social, moral, and character development issues discussed in this course.
Consider whether you are advocating for a view of character that emphasizes moral, performance, or civic character (Seider, 2012). Ensure your perspective, as it relates to your technology issue, is evident.
Please consider your chosen audience when writing the paper. Imagine that you will use the paper to share the information with the audience in an engaging way, and write accordingly.
Ideas for this project include, but are not limited to, topics such as:
Facebook, Edmodo, Google+ in the classroom
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine,, alternate forms of social media
Cyberbullying, Cyberbaiting
Smartphones, mobile technology in school
Student access to Internet outside of school to complete schoolwork
Google Apps for Education
Technology for testing
Filming in the classroom (by teachers)
Use of YouTube with/by students
Use of media clips and films in the classroom
Wearable technology
One-to-one technology initiatives
Flipped classrooms or flipped pedagogy
Digital footprints and data safety/student privacy, digital citizenship
Online learning in K-12 settings
Gamification (games-based learning)
Teacher blogging
Digital fabrication (3D printing)
Robotics (drones)
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Required Readings:

The following materials are Required Studies for this week. Complete these studies at the beginning of the week, and save these materials for future use.
Character Compass: How Powerful School Culture Can Point Students Toward Success (Seider, 2012)
There is no required reading in the text this week.
Character Education and Media Literacy – Finding Common Ground (Herrington & Emmans, 2002) [Webpage]
Guest Post by John Chase…Character Education: The Secret Benefits of Edtech and Media Literacy (Gutierrez, 2012) [Webpage]
The Impact of Technology on Character Education (Jolls, 2008) [PDF]
New Media Literacy Education: A Developmental Approach (Graber & Mendoza, 2012) [PDF]
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