Posted: September 18th, 2017

Euthanasia in Palliative Care

Dr Philip Nitschke, a well-known advocate for euthanasia wrote of people approaching the end of their life,
“with knowledge about their end of life choices, people stop worrying and get on with living their final days. Denying folks the right to discuss Assisted Suicide and Safe Suicide is not only cruel, it is uncivilized.”
Using this statement you are required to write an argumentative essay.
For this argumentative essay you are required to discuss this statement and its significance to palliative care. You must choose to argue either for or against the legislation of euthanasia in Australia.
You must include:
• An introduction covering:
 What is an ethical dilemma?
 Why euthanasia is an ethical dilemma in palliative care?
 Which side you are arguing, either for or against the use of euthanasia in Australia
 Brief relevant background information
 The scope and direction of your paper (what specific areas will you cover)

• The body of the assignment covering:

 Ethical principles in palliative care in relation to euthanasia
 Current research and best practice in relation to euthanasia
• A conclusion including:
 A logical ending, pulling together all parts of the essay
** A conclusion should never:
 Just sum up
 End with a long quote
 Focus on minor points
 Introduce new material
Tips for essay writing
• Should alert the reader’s interest
• Indicate the direction of the essay
• Show how to interpret and approach the issue
• Provide a context for the main issues
• Indicate the focus of the essay
• Indicate your point of view
Structure of an introduction:
• General statement about the topic
• Beginning to focus onto the issues
• Scope and direction
• Purpose is to tie the topics in the body of the essay together and make comments about the meaning of it all.
Structure of a conclusion:
• Link to previous paragraph
• Brief summary of issues covered
• Recommendations/speculation on future action
Never use I or write in the first person in an essay. Writing should be academic (ie no slang).

Requirements for Submission
1. The assignment must be submitted electronically via moodle by 9am Monday 14th September 2015
Your submitted file must be named using the following format:
Your family name_student number_assessment task identifier
e.g. Hall_Hal12345_Palliative Care Assignment 1
Any assignments not saved in this format will not be marked.

2. Students must keep a copy of all work submitted.

3. Any student who achieves a mark of <30% will not be eligible for a resubmit. For further information regarding failed assignments please refer to the Student Information Handbook 2015.

4. Assignments marked RESUBMIT must be handed in within 2 weeks of the student receiving it back. The maximum mark for a resubmitted assignment is 50%. The original marked copy must be resubmitted with the revised version.

5. All reference and source materials must be accurately cited using APA referencing (a guide is available on the Holmesglen website → Learning Commons). Do not use unacceptable websites (eg. Wikipedia, Nurse Bob, UKessays, Wrong diagnosis or Better Health Channel) where the information is unsubstantiated and not produced by a recognised and reputable organisation or published author.

6. Plagiarism is not acceptable. The laws of copyright mean that you cannot copy, or cut and paste text from resource material. The assignment must be in your own words and must be referenced appropriately when you have taken your ideas from another source. Direct quotes must be kept to the absolute minimum and must be referenced appropriately.

7. Submitted assignments will be uploaded to Turnitin to ensure students have not breached Holmeslgen policy on copyright, plagiarism and collusion.

8. Please refer to the Student Information Handbook 2015 for information regarding late submission.

9. The essay word limit is 1500words, excluding the reference page. In-text references are included in the word count. The essay will not be graded beyond the allocated word limit.

10. A minimum of 10 references must be used.

11. Journal articles only can be used for references.

12. Typing should be Arial size 12. 1.5 line spacing is required

13. Subheadings are not to be used

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