Posted: September 17th, 2017

Evaluating the interrelationship between individual,

“How helpful is Schein’s (1990) model of organisational culture as a description of organisation life? Consider its strengths and limitations, drawing on other organisational theories and metaphors as appropriate” (3000 words).
Assessment criteria
Compare and contrast the various schools of thought that explain the social roles played in organisations.
Evaluate the interrelationship between individual, group and managers in organisations.
Understand the key internal variables impacting upon organisations’ work (e.g. culture, motivation, personality) and be aware of how theory links to practical outcomes and associated with the management of people and organisations.
Prepare an academic piece of work and critically discuss an issue related to organisation and our roles within it.
Apply the research skills necessary to properly investigate and collect information/data to support an argument.
Outline Schein’s model; drawing attention to its specific strengths and weaknesses exemplifying a ‘cultural’ approach;
Draw on alternative organisational metaphors to explore its weaknesses further; and,
Carefully consider the usefulness of the approach on the basis of the specific strength and weaknesses you have identified.
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