Posted: September 13th, 2017

Evaluation Framework

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



This is another assignment, however its not going to be submit it by the same person. it will be the same as the previous assignment. although make sure there are no copy and past and no plagiarism to the previous one. 

This assignment is not a Book report, but it needs to be presented in a report form ( Table content, Heading..etc). 

This report strictly needs to follow the order below: 
1. plagiarism, or copy and paste is not acceptable in the report. 

2. Follow the outline I provided for this report as you are also going to find the link of the book from the attached title (Assignment 2 Outline) 

3. you must use the Book and the other file to write about ideas, and references into the report. the references list i have attached them. so please use them.

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