Posted: September 17th, 2017

Examine the pro and con of the “Robber Barons.”


Textbook (required) Making America, Berkin, et al. 6th ed. Combined edition ISBN 9780840028716

read chapter 17-22. Paper Instruction In order to pass to must use evidence from the assigned textbook chapters ( 17-22 ), electronic readings ( Microsoft word articles ), and PowerPoints lectures for each response; cite using CMS (thus you need to attach a ‘Bibliography’ page); and, respond fully and completely to three questions in at least 9 double-spaced pages total (3 pages per response).

Do NOT use unassigned sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia or any other pretend knowledge site. This is not a research paper. Rather this is a test to see how closely and carefully you listened to the lectures and read the textbook and electronic readings.

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