Posted: September 18th, 2017

Exchange rate regimes

Exchange rate regimes
Answer these three Questions based on the background of ” Take Qantas (airline company) to a country in Europe.” (Homebase is in Australia)

Hint: The most relevant material for these questions are: “The International Monetary system”, “Balance of Payments; The Foreign Exchange Market“, “Foreign Exchange market Cont: International Parity Conditions“, “Foreign Currency Derivatives“. and other concept can be use as well.

1. Outline the stability or volatility of the currency relative to the AUD.
2. Identify the exchange rate regime the European country uses.
(1) If it is a fixed exchange rate regime, is it under pressure?
(2) If it is a flexible exchange rate regime, is it stabile or volatile relative to the AUD?
3. Where are some of the primary inputs produced? Do these inputs represent any exchange rate risks themselves?

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