Posted: April 14th, 2015

Expert System (what pet is good for you)

It is a report about my expert system that I already made. Talking about What pet is good for you. I made the expert system and I need your help to write the report about it because English is my second language.

I need these format to be included in the report.

• Executive Summary – an overview and summary of your report
• Introduction – What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why did you pick that problem? Where did your idea come from? Is it an important or series problem? Why? Do other expert systems exist which are similar to yours?
• Knowledge Engineering – Who was the human expert whose knowledge you used to create your system? How did you go about documenting this knowledge? Did you need to do any additional research? How do you know your expert’s solutions are correct? Did you test them or validate them in any way? Did you talk with more than one expert?
• Methodology – How did your team manage the project of creating the system, preparing the presentation and writing this report? Include a work breakdown summary, a GANTT Chart and a PERT diagram (GANTT Charts and PERT diagrams will be covered later in the course)
• Technical Overview Provide an outline of your system. How was it built? What tools were used? How was it tested? If there were problems, how were they fixed?
• Benefits -What are the pros and cons of your system? That is, its strengths and weaknesses?
• Next Steps – If you continued this project, what would you do to make your system better? How would you improve it?
• Conclusions – What did you learn? What are your observations and conclusions about developing an expert system? What advice do you have for anyone else doing a similar project? What is likely to happen with expert systems in the future?
• Works Cited – This is an academic assignment … remember to properly cite and credit your sources.

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